“Clay + Ink + Wax = Fresh New Art” Mary Lou Wills & Patty Heibel July 15 – August 14

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Please join Mary Lou and Patty for Prescott’s 4th Friday Art Walk at ‘Tis July 28th from 5:00 – 8:00 PM

Mary Lou Wills

Printmaking and Encaustic

Art is my way of expressing how I see the world around me.  I interpret, through images, what I see and feel as I connect or reconnect with the natural world.  Many of my works represent birds, trees and their environment.  I use various media, in this case printmaking, digital imaging, encaustic, and combinations of these.  This gives me the freedom to express myself in various ways.  .  The creative process is my means of expressing what is within me that cannot be shared otherwise.  And, so, my visual interpretations express something inside me which I am incapable of saying in words.

Patty Heibel

Sculpture and Mixed Media Painting

Art is about making connections

My career was in science and now my laboratory is an art studio where I conduct visual and technical experiments. I find the need to constantly explore, inquire, develop and change, and believe it’s important to continually educate ourselves, push our limits and enjoy the process.

Each sculpture and painting is an experiment, either in the materials, subject, application process or the presentation. I have never been able to duplicate my work exactly as the formulas keep evolving. In my animal sculptures the connection is made through the face and expressive eyes. They are created from paper, wood, glass and fiber clay. Fiber clay does not require firing so I can mix materials and paint them realistically or made to look like bronze.