Highlights from the 2014 Creative Spirit Fundraiser

Thank you all for making this a successful ‘Fun” raiser. We raised some funds too!

To our contributing artists who provided their 12 ” x 12 ” treasures for the silent auction… Regina Helstrom, Annette Olson, Leslie Parsons, Cye Hawkins, Lin Hall, Sharon Forte, Barb Darr, Sandi Lansing, Susan Lutz, Don Messerschmitt, Cin Hollins, Jeannie Mehl, Maria Lynam, Joan Knight, Brenda Diller, Barb Wills, Barbara Redmond, Carla Woody, Mary Kaye O’Neill, Donna Carver, Patricia Watkins, Stan Book, Judy Book, Annie Alexander, Amber Lynn Tiede and Daniele Ippoliti. YOU GUYS MAKE SQUARE FASHIONABLE!

To our cast of volunteers… Barb Wills, Pam Conner, Genny Ingram, Cin Hollins, Amber Lynn Tiede, Night Zamora ( her professional photo takes will be forthcoming!) Mary Kaye O’Neill, Edie Dillon, Ken S the bartender ( one of these days I’ll get your last name down), Debbie Rasmus, Donna Carver, Bronwyn Butterfield and Signe Lindquist

To our food and beverage producers… Patti and Wm , Gay and Ken, Lisa Kobus, Bob Pedley, Carla Woody, Tony Leal, Annie Alexander, Barb Wills, Mary Kaye O’Neill, Bob and Leslee Oaks and Sandi Lansing.

To our cast staff… Gay Chatfield, Judith Skinner and myself.

And to those who contributed at the last minute !!!!