Highlights from the 2015 Creative Spirit 12″x12″ Auction

The annual convergence of the Creative Spirits returned to ‘Tis with more  12”x 12” works by Prescott Area Artists    Saturday September 19, 2015
 Oh What a Night!

Who Is Laurie Anderson?

About the 12 “x 12” Concept

It began when an art instructor introduced a lesson where the students were asked to take a random “squared “section of the piece they were working on, blow it up and render a new piece measuring 12” X 12”  The students were encouraged to add new design elements which allowed them to dig deeper into a detail. The results were astounding. It provided the students with a new way of looking at their composition and allowed for the creation of a whole new work.   12” X 12” formatted works have since become a commodity where 12” X 12” pieces are exclusively sought out and purchased for private and public art collections.

Credits and Thank Yous Forthcoming!