The 12″ x 12″ Art SWOOP and Gathering of Creative Spirits 2019

Our annual “FUN”draiser benefiting the
‘Tis art education programs for children and adults
12” x12” ART SWOOP and Creative Spirit Costume Party

“Koshari” by Christine Sutherland

Saturday September 21, 2019
Pre Paid Entry Fee $25.
Great Food, Libations and Art Treasure Included
Creative Spirit Attendance is Encouraged!

The Art SWOOP is similar to a white elephant gift exchange, except no one can take the SWOOPed item once it is SWOOPED 🙂 Each entry fee comes with a number which is randomly drawn at the time of arrival. About 45 minutes into the gathering, numbers will be called beginning with the number 1. The person with that number then gets the opportunity to swoop up one art piece of their choosing from the ART SWOOP gallery of original 12” x 12” 2- D works, various sized 3- D works, wearable art and jewelry.

To Register and Purchase SWOOP tickets click HERE

The 2019 SWOOP Gallery ( more details forthcoming 🙂