“Different by Design” November 15 – December 30 by Laughin’ Giraffe & Friends

“Different by Design” by Mary Kaye O’Neill’ and Her “Laughin’ Giraffe Friends Sherri Curtis, Carol Hunter-Geboy and Linda Scott

In the ‘Tis Mezzanine Gallery
November 15 – December 30
4th Friday Art Walk Reception
November  5:00 – 7:00 PM

Fashion is changing. It’s no longer about the look that’s ‘in’ this year. It’s about finding YOUR look. It’s about being different because you are different. No one knows how it feels to be you; you get to express that in the colors, textures and attitudes that fit you. These designs will give you inspiration; they come from our hearts and imagination and we hope they speak to that whimsy in you to express what it means to be uniquely you. We love turning old things into new, turning new things upside down. We’re having fun … come join us in the fun of expressing how you are Different by Design!

Mary Kaye O’Neill has been painting silk and designing wearables for about ten years; each of her creations is one of a kind and expresses the natural world as she sees and feels it through color, texture and movement. She also loves wandering our local thrift stores to purchase things that will show up in her designs. Her colors are bolder this year and she has even put some of her silks in frames for wall art.  “I like to see color in my living space; color makes me happy!”

Sherri Curtis: Sherri’s principal theme is a commitment to green fashion. Honoring the richness of fabrics of the past, she will deconstruct then re-create silks, leather, cashmere and wool into original pieces of wearable art.

Carol Hunter-Geboy … information forthcoming

Linda Scott: Trained as a teacher, psychologist and then an acupuncturist, Linda loves exploring artistic expression of the mind-body-spirit world. She has a special fondness for items which take on a new and different life through up-cycling (men’s silk ties as scarves, anyone?). She is a printmaker- on paper and fabric- and also enjoys creating jewelry. In this show, you will see embellished wallets (great for travel!), Murano-style glass jewelry and hand printed tote bags, among other offerings.