“My Life Needs Editing” September 15 – October 14

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“My life needs editing.” Mort Sahl
Six Artists’ Quest for Color, Texture and Meaning in Life

September 15 – October 14, 2017

Reception with Artists: Friday, September 22, 5-7 p.m.
during the 4th Friday Art Walk

Fashion Show at Hassayampa Inn
Sunday, September 24, 11:00 – 1:00 (during their High Tea)

Have you ever looked in your closet and said, “I hate everything in here!” Well, take heart; this show will help refresh the dullest of closets. Here you’ll find wonderfully colorful silk scarves and other wearables by Mary Kaye O’Neill and Carol Hunter-Geboy.

New jewelry can pick up any wardrobe. We’ll have extraordinary new designs by Curt Pfeffer (prior owner of Aurum Jewelry in Jerome) and a brand new local artist, Anne Smith. Also being shown for the first time will be some funky new jewelry made from recycled plastic bottles by Linda Scott.

And, of course, Linda will also have her lively textiles, both functional and for the wall. Michael Geboy will return with a few more tiny books and new inspirations to make you smile. There’s a lot more; come see for yourself how to get that closet and home looking more like the new you. Wear your grace!

The Laughin Giraffe Crew:

Mary Kaye O’Neill: Always inspired by nature, this new collection has a fresh and unique way of expressing the varied textures, designs and colors she has always employed in her work. Her new jewelry designs reflect her commitment to fresh new looks. Each piece of wearable art is one of a kind, silk being her fabric of choice.

Carol Hunter-Geboy: With a long history in fiber arts (that began with her Barbie’s wardrobe!), today Carol is exploring new & different ways of using color, design, and embellishment to create fashion statements for apparel and home decor. She creates hand-painted fabrics, recaptures vintage garments, and uses both to design fun and fanciful art pieces meant to make you smile.

Linda Scott: With a background in psychology and Chinese medicine combined with her love of printmaking, textile arts, and jewelry design, she has created knitted and upcycled t-textile wearables. As always, her obsession with upcycled discards, she has created a whole new line of jewelry from soda bottles; they are hypoallergenic, light and mysterious – making you look great and feel great at the same time!

… with Special Guest Artists:

Curt Pfeffer: Curt ‘s early efforts at painting and drawing turned to metalsmithing when he moved to Az. in 1967. A summer working for a Hopi jeweler cemented his interest. Recently retired from his shop in Jerome (Aurum) after 32 years at the jewelry bench, Curt continues his exploration of forms, surfaces, color and texture in his home workshop in Prescott. Ideas and feelings that want expression arrive from rock faces, accidental textures, architecture and dreams.

Anne Smith: As a relative newcomer to jewelry, Anne has embarked on a journey to find her voice. Each of her pieces is inspired by an image, a quote or a person she wants to honor. Her jewelry is more about the spiritual path she is on than any particular style.

Michael Geboy: As a retired psychologist with the Veteran’s Administration, Michael started playing with his loves: travel, maps, wood, texture and whimsy. What he came up with are miniatures, made from all of the above.