“Still Lives” Neil Orlowski & Paul Walter February 16 – March 14, 2019

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“Still Lives” Paintings by Neil Orlowski & Sculpture by Paul Walter  
In the ‘Tis Mezzanine Gallery
February 16 – March 14
4th Friday Art Walk Reception
March 22nd 5:00 – 7:00 PM

Paul Walter on Aesthetics

The aesthetic focus of my work has two main components: representation and emotional content.  The two aspects are equally important, and the pieces that I consider the most successful have both these components.  Not always in equal measure; but in proportion to realizing the ultimate goal of the artwork.  Often as I work I might sacrifice one for the other to achieve an effect that allows me to push the image in the desired direction.  Work by other artists which has the greatest impact on me has both these aspects.

The first of these two components, the direction of the work, has from the beginning been towards representation.  In my early twenties, I began to study art in a serious manner, and representational art always appealed to me more than extreme abstract or nonrepresentational work.  Shortly after I entered university, I discovered sculpture and changed the emphasis of my work from two dimensional art to three dimensional art.

However, the focus remained representational, even as I experimented with different styles of work in the course  of my studies.  It should be noted however, that even the most hyper-realistic work of art is still an abstraction in the purest sense of the word: it is ultimately an image, and may not be confused with the actual object that it endeavors to represent.

The second of these components is emotional content.  It not possible for me to produce a quality image which does not have some emotional content, no matter how accurate the representation.   The image might be technically correct, but without an emotional link, it will be at best sterile, i.e. perhaps mechanically well done, but without feeling.

Maintaining a balance of these two aspects has been, and continues to be, central to my work.~ Paul Walter

Paul Walter earned his Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from the University of California, Long Beach where he specialized in sculpture.