“Pieced Together” March 15 – April 14

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“Pieced Together” Glass Works by Patty Lindsey, Jewelry by Lynn Schmitt and Paintings by Susan Schmitt
In the ‘Tis Mezzanine Gallery
February 16 – March 14
4th Friday Art Walk Reception
March 22nd 5:00 – 7:00 PM

Patty Lindsey of Glass Goons Studio

I started first with stained glass, and then moved to metal sculptures, and finally I have blended the two together to create sculptural glass.  My evolution has been a process and has taken me from being very rigid too fluidity.  Discovering glass again has become a powerful medium for me, from the fire and heat to the instant gratification of design.   I’m now fusing and slumping glass and also blending glass & metal together to form my unique creations.

I started my art education in the late eighties where my passion for art increased.  I went from a junior college onto Cal State Fullerton.  My goal after a few years was to graduate (May 2003) and retire (Dec 2003) within the same year.  I did it!!

I now plan to continue my education in glass by studying under other master artists. I feel learning from other artists will help me explore other ideas within the glass world.  My other dream was to have my studio on our property….and this dream came true “Patty Lindsey Glass Goons Studio”.

www.glassgoons.com Cell: 714-651-7648      email:  glassgoons@gmail.com

Lynn Schmitt

I have been creating distinctive jewelry since 2003. From the beginning of my jewelry career, I have explored and become proficient in many design and jewelry techniques. I am primarily self-taught and have an extensive library covering every facet of jewelry-making from selecting components to fabricating a piece.

I am passionate about gemology and share that passion both in a monthly column for a local publication and on my website. The column focuses on the history and folklore of gemstones, as well as jewelry style and design.

I am currently concentrating on metals: sterling, copper, bronze, brass, gold-filled and aluminum.

By bending, forming and hammering metal into geometric and fanciful shapes, and then combining it with various gemstones and other unusual finds, I am able to create beautiful and contemporary jewelry.

Each piece I create is unique with an emphasis on jewelry that is lovely to look at, comfortable to wear and durable.

“I feel the joy of making jewelry comes from sifting through a variety of beads, stones and metals until I find just the right colors and textures for a piece. The ultimate joy, however, is the smile on a customer’s face when she selects a piece that speaks to her.”  Lynn Schmitt

www.SlinkyLynnxChic.com    Lynn@SlinkyLynnxChic.com

Susan Schmitt

Women have been celebrated through history as iconic images .Goddess in flowing Grecian gowns, Native American women wrapped in tribal blankets, Japanese women in beautifully traditional embroidered robes, and Gustav Klimt’s exquisitely patterned Venetian women are just a few of the inspirational images of women in art.  All of these images represent a reverence for women through culture and gave the artist an opportunity to create beautiful design in the garment.

I truly believe you must paint what you know, and therefore I wanted to make more a contemporary presentation. I love color and pattern, and because I have quilted a little bit, I am always happy to cut patterns up and reassemble them. I do it with my paintings all the time, always thinking the reassembly is exactly like making a quilt. The quilts from my family are assemblages that represent the women who made them. They have bits of older dresses, or beautifully embroidered squares incorporated into them.  They were made with care and love of fabric and are a pleasure to hold. I just can’t imagine how anyone could not feel the love and connection to the quilter when presented with one of these beautiful treasures.

Through the use of the quilt I am able to create images of women that portray emotions that are uniquely feminine and iconic, and part of my own history.

www.SusanSchmittArt.com   SusanSchmittArt@gmail.com