“The Artists’ Attic 2019” October 15 – November 14

In the ‘Tis Mezzanine Gallery
October 15 – November 14
4th Friday Art Walk Reception
October 25th  5:00 – 8:00 PM

Jo Manginelli, an award winning weaver, has had a lifelong fascination with textiles which led her to weaving and felting in 1997.  Her work exhibits her versatility and love of texture and color as well as her interest in exploring the multitude of structures and fibers in her wearable art.
Deborah Salazar: Art has always been my passion; 3 – D art being my favorite form.  Moving from clay to wool as a medium has allowed me to create more realistic animals.  Using  posable armature and adding a bit of whimsy brings their personalities to life and I can help but smile and wonder what mischief they might get into.
Judith Skinner: My jewelry can be described as wearable sculpture.  “The Skinner Blend” which is a blend I developed launched me into combining a rainbow of colors into my work.  I hand form thin pieces of polymer clay to form gently curved shapes then add a final touch of subtle metallic colors which add a glow to my pieces. Much of the work displayed in this year’s exhibit are from my “Patterned Like Quilts” series.