19th Century Style 2nd Floor Office Spaces

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2nd floor offices and size

On the second floor of the historic ‘Tis Building across from the Courthouse Plaza

Suite 202 is available now: 297 square feet $685. a month

Suite 203 available now: 165 square feet $400. a month

Suite 204 available now: 185 square feet $425. a month

Suite 205 available now : 224 square feet $500. a month

Suite 206 available now: 224 square feet $500. a month

Includes basic utilities; tenant pays cable, phone, and liability insurance.
A personal parking spot, is available at lot across from the Hassyampa Hotel.
Parking is available from 7am, until 5pm, only.

Multiple suite rental discounts are available

Offices 202 and 203 could be adjoining, a pocket door is between the two.
The same option is available for, 204 and 205. If multiple offices are needed,
we will negotiate rental rates.

Call 928-775-0223 or e-mail tisart1@cableone.net for more information and/ or to make an appointment to view