“Journeys in Spirit”: Traditional and Contemporary Native Art Exhibition

“The Four Beauties” by Choctaw Artist Karen Clarkson

In its 10th year, the ‘Tis “Journeys in Spirit 2020: Traditional and Contemporary Native Art Exhibition” will be a month-long event produced in partnership with the Smoki Museum. It centers on showcasing the visual arts, music, dance and story-telling of and by present day Native people.

“Journeys in Spirit” spotlights emerging and established Native artists. The arts play an integral role in Native society.  From a young age, Native children are introduced to bead working, basketry, woodcarving, weaving, jewelry as well as the crafting of musical instruments and/or ceremonial attire. Color and imagery carry symbolic meaning.  Music and dance are an essential part of social and ceremonial gatherings and story-telling; the oldest of all the arts is where cultural history and sacred beliefs are kept alive.

Since the event began in 2010, “Journeys is Spirit” has been curated by Filmer Kewanyama, a national award-winning Hopi artist and member of the ‘Tis Board of Directors. Fil has a strong passion for helping others; especially emerging Native artists. His mentoring extends beyond giving artists the opportunity to show their work. Fil ensures they learn about their roles in producing a successful exhibit. His encouragement gives artists the incentive to grow as individuals and as artists.

Highlights from previous Journeys in Spirit events
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“Journeys in Spirit 2020” is presented by  ‘Tis and the  Smoki Museum with additional support from the City of Prescott and the Prescott Area Arts and Humanities Council